Diesel Dr Diagnostics
Established in 2002

- Billystl Billystl 6/10/2019
"These guys gave me excellent and prompt service. I needed a tune and boy did it work! I’m getting better fuel economy which will translate into massive fuel savings! My wife will enjoy the extra income, thanks a million guys."

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- OFFICIAL BUSINESS 9912 3/11/2019
"Best decision I can make!!! Before coming here, i had a shop in Dallas claim they tune my truck to 575 hp 1950 tq. The truck ran like a v6 mustang with 200,000 miles and donuts tires!!! After this business tune my truck engine. It pulls and drives like a viper on cocaine and pulls like 2 fat girls breaking apart a chicken wing at a buffet. These guys are the TRUTH!!! I'm running a 60 series Detroit. I'm blown away about the honesty, informative, and professional service this shop provides. I will only deal with them. I'm from texas and these guys are out performing the texas tune market. If you are a off road racer this is the place!!!! If you need your truck turned up like a lil jon song in a Atlanta strip club. This is the place. If you want better fuel mileage than a smart car going 45 mph in the left lane, come here. Your truck fuel milage will have IFTA looking at you crazy, because you are not burning diesel!!!! Better fuel milage, HORSEPOWER, torque, and tunes are affordable!!!!! This place has awakened my truck like a swat team breaking my door at 1am after night of drinking. This place is good."


- Jeff Rozumny 1/2/2019
"Every owner op needs to go here!"

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- Ted Stauffer 1/2/2019
"More than 10% mileage gain, outstanding drivability and power! DDr are knowledgeable problem solvers that stand behind their work. My only regret is, that I hadn't done this R-tune sooner! 2015 Pete ISX 15"

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